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2011 Spring sales conference
Published time:2011/3/8 8:42:29
2011 Spring sales conference of Xiaxing Group was held at the Nobel Hotel. There are chief engineer, chief director and many sales managers joined in this conference. The content of the conference was about sales review for 2010 and sales planning for 2011. When the conference was end, all the staff that came to this conference were arranged to visit the water factory and play snowboarding to Lianhua Mountain. Some parts of photos show as below:

Chief director Hu yuxia took report about sales review for 2010 and sales planning for 2011.


Marketing manager Yu zehang did marketing planning and training of new products.


VIP manager Han yanyan did VIP requirement and activities summary of supermarket.

  Sales manager of North east China Zuo guangbin did sales report.


Sales manager of North China Wu tao did sales report.


Sales manager of East China Meng qing did sales report.


  Sales manager of South China Cai wenming did sales report.

  Water factory

  Natural Potable Weak Alkalinity Spring Water Containing Strontium

Playgame Room



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