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The 6th Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo
Published time:2010/9/10 14:53:21
The 6th Northeast  Asia Investment and Trade Expo was held at Changchun International Exhibition Center 2nd Sep. The scale of present was the best one than before. There were seven areas indoor exhibition area. The black fungus juice of Xiaxing Group was located at No.E Jilin area. Many government officials of Jilin province and foreign guests took part in the opening ceremony. As the Key-supportted Industrial Program of Jilin, the black fungus juice was well received by the public.
Booth of Expo
The mayor is having a kind talk with our president.
Sales director Hu is receiving the interview from media.
Foreign guests visit and talk business at the booth.
Outdoor advertising is beside of the international exhibition center hotel.
Outdoor advertising is beside of the international exhibition center

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